Sarah understands the limits of the tech. When Apple codes in pithy responses, it *is* trying to make Siri feel like a delightful pocket companion. And sometimes it works (Try asking Siri what 0/0 is).

The challenge with conversational UI is that doing them well takes effort. It’s not just about slapping a funny on something like a cheap coat of paint. Companies who want to integrate quirk and sass into their product’s voice need to be prepared to think through edge cases and make sure that they’re at least minimally prepared to deal with them.

This is actually not hard in the case of Siri. Make a list of problematic words and terms (seems like “assault” would be an obvious one) and teach Siri to answer “I’ll have to look at up for you” → show Google search results.

Writer and reader. Director of UX for Store Management at Shopify. Formerly designed with words at Facebook. Based in Toronto.

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